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During 28 years spent in the film business, first as an assistant and now as a cinematographer, I have maintained an avid interest in camera equipment. I began buying cameras and support equipment in 1991, with the purchase of a used Arriflex 16SR1. Since that time I have built up a well-respected arsenal of gear, and am happy to rent it to other cinematographers and production companies when I am not using it personally. Close ties with major New York rental houses allow me to keep the equipment in top-notch shape, and my low overhead allows for competitive pricing. The moniker of "owner-operator" in the equipment world often means compromise, but my equipment is all brand-name, modern gear, comprehensively accessorized and "rental house standard". The list below is available as a PDF as well.

Digital Cameras & Accessories


NOTE: all items are quoted at a per-item, per-day basis. Insurance required. Subject to change without notice.

Subject to a discount for preferred clients. Please call or email with an order for a comprehensive quote.



 Arriflex Amira Premium UHD Camera System    $1,000.00

 Arriflex Alexa EV Plus Highspeed Camera Body Only    $1,200.00



 Red Epic DRAGON 6K Camera System    $1,500.00



 Sony F55 Camera System w/ RAW Recorder    $1,400.00

 Sony F55 Camera Body Only    $1,000.00

 Sony F5 Camera Body Only    $750.00

 Sony F3 Camera Body w/ 444/ S-Log Option    $600.00



 Canon C300 Mark II Camera System    $500.00

 Canon 5D Mark III Kit w/ 3 L Series Zooms    $500.00


 Digital Accessories

 Red Rocket-X Mobile Transcoding System w/Macbook Pro    $500.00

 Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q Monitor/ Recorder    $400.00

 PIX 240 Recorder System    $300.00

 120GB Cfast Card Amira/ C300 MII    $100.00

 128GB Red SSD    $100.00

 128GB SxS Card    $100.00

 AJA Downconverter/ Crossconverter    $150.00

 Denecke SB-3 Lockit Box    $100.00

 SSD, SxS, Cfast, or CF Card Reader    $40.00



 Sony PVMA-250 25" OLED Monitor    $600.00

 Sony LMD-2450WHD 24" HD LCD Monitor    $400.00

 Sony BVM-1741A OLED 17" Monitor    $400.00

 Panasonic BT-LH1700W 17" HD LCD Monitor    $300.00

 TV Logic 15" HD-LCD Monitor    $300.00

 Panasonic BT-LH900A 8.4" HD LCD Monitor    $200.00

 TV Logic 7" HD-LCD Monitor    $200.00

 TV Logic 5.6" HD-LCD Monitor    $150.00


 35mm Format Lenses

 24mm-290mm T.2.8 Angeniuex Optimo Zoom Lens    $550.00

 25mm-250mm T.3.5 Angeniuex HR Zoom Lens    $400.00

 30mm-300mm T.2.95 Canon Zoom Lens    $400.00

 18mm-100mm T.3.1 Cooke Zoom Lens    $300.00

 17-120mm T.2.8 Canon Zoom Lens    $400.00

 16mm-42mm T.2.8 Angeniuex Optimo Zoom Lens    $400.00

 30mm-80mm T.2.8 Angeniuex Optimo Zoom Lens    $400.00

 45mm-120mm T.2.8 Angeniuex Optimo Zoom Lens    $400.00

 Cooke S4/ i T.2 Lens: 14, 18, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 75, 100, 135    $150.00 ea.

 Zeiss Standard 10mm, 14mm T.2.1 Lens    $100.00 ea.

 Nikon 200mm T.2 Lens    $150.00

 Zeiss 300mm T.3 Lens    $150.00

 Zeiss 2x Extender (works w/ HR Zoom, 200mm, 300mm)    $75.00


 EF Mount Lenses

 L-Series T.2.8 Zoom Lens: 16-35, 28-70, 70-200    $75.00 ea.

 Rokinon Prime Lens: 16, 24, 35, 50, 85, 100 Macro,135    $75.00 ea.


 16mm Format Lenses (works with digital cameras in crop mode)

 7mm-63mm T.2.5 Canon Zoom Lens (covers Super-16)    $200.00

 10mm-100mm T.2 Zeiss Zoom Lens    $200.00

 9mm-50mm T.2.5 Cooke Zoom Lens    $200.00

 5.9mm Angeniuex Lens    $75.00


 2/3" Format Digital Zoom Lenses (works with digital cameras with B4 adapter)

 Canon HD 4.7mm-52mm T.1.7 ENG Style Zoom Lens    $500.00

 Canon HD 4.7mm-52mm T.1.7 Cine Style Zoom Lens    $500.00

 Canon HD 7.5mm – 157mm T2.1 ENG Style Zoom Lens    $500.00

 Canon HD 7.5mm – 157mm T2.1 Cine Style Zoom Lens    $500.00


 Matteboxes & Filters*

 Arriflex 6x6 Studio Mattebox MB-14 w/ masks, eyebrow, etc.    $75.00

 Arriflex 6x6 Clip-On Mattebox LMB-4A    $40.00

 Arriflex 4x5.65 Studio Mattebox MB-19 w/ masks & eyebrow    $75.00

 Arriflex Clip-On 4x5.65 Mattebox LMB-5 w/ masks & eyebrow    $40.00

 Arriflex Clip-On 4x4 Mattebox LMB-3    $25.00

 Chrosziel Clip-On  4x4 Mattebox    $40.00

 6x6 Filters    $14.00 ea.

 4x5.65, 4x4 Filters, 138mm Round Filters, 4.5 Round Filters    $12.00 ea.

 Series 9 Round Filters, 40.5 Round Filters    $10.00 ea.


 Lens Control

 Arriflex FF-4 Follow Focus System    $40.00

 Arriflex MFF-1 Follow Focus    $50.00

 Preston Wireless 3-channel    $300.00

 Bartech Wireless Focus Device    $150.00

 Microforce Zoom Control System    $60.00


 Camera Support

 O'Connor 25-75C/D Fluid Head    $125.00

 Sachtler Studio 30 Fluid Head    $85.00

 Sachtler 20 Lightweight Fluid Head & Legs    $150.00

 Weaver-Steadman Underslung Fluid Head    $150.00

 Weaver-Steadman 3rd Axis Component    $100.00

 Tango 2 Swing Head    $100.00

 Ronford Heavy-Duty Standard Legs    $20.00

 Ronford Heavy-Duty Baby Legs    $20.00

 Ronford Rolling Spyder    $25.00

 Mitchell Hi-Hat/Low-Hat    $10.00

 Rocker Plate    $50.00

 Right Angle Adapter For Vertical (portrait) shooting    $100.00

 Arri Media PL-Mount Viewfinder    $100.00

 Element Technica Handheld Rig    $75.00

 Matthews 29" Slider    $150.00



 Lentequip 30 Amp Hour Block Battery    $75.00

 Anton Bauer 12/24 Volt Battery Belt    $100.00

 Anton Bauer Dionic HC, Dionic160, or Hytron 140 Battery    $50.00

 Anton Bauer Dionic 90 Battery    $40.00

 Anton Bauer T2 Charger    $75.00

 Anton Bauer Titan 70 Power Supply    $75.00


*Filter List (Most available in 6x6, 4x5.65, 4x4. Some available in 138mm, 4-1/2", Series 9, 40.5):

 Rota-Polarizer, NDs .3- 1.8 (with or without IR)

 Pearlescent, Glimmerglass, Classic Soft, Black Pro-Mist, White Pro-Mist, Soft FX, Mitchell Diffusion

 ND Grad (hard & soft), Blue Grad (hard & soft), Select Other Grads

 85, 85B, LLD, Chocolate, Sepia, 812, Antique Suede, Coral, Color Enhancer

 Proxar (Diopter), Clear Optical Flat, 80C, 80D (Red Camera), Hot Mirror (CMOS Cameras)

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